East Sacramento is a neighborhood that buzzes with an entrepreneur spirit, giving rise to new businesses popping up regularly.  Let’s just say that this wasn’t always the case: before East Sac was the place to be, one woman decided to take a chance on the area and open up her own hair salon.  This inspiring entrepreneur is none other than my own mother, Vicky Gage, who’s been the owner of Vicky G’s Hair Design for 38 years.  On this episode of Sac N Gaged, we’ll get the inside story of how my mom went from giving $1 haircuts in high school to running a successful business on Folsom Boulevard.

Vicky’s interest in hair began with her mother, who would get haircuts from a Frenchwoman by the name of Lucienne.  Vicky would watch intently as scissors snipped away at her mother’s locks and she thought, damn, I could do that! The inspiration of those visits began her hair cutting career, leading her to a beauty supply store where she bought her own set of scissors and a razor.  She charged $1 per head in high school for haircuts; it was a lucrative business at the time, especially since babysitting only paid 50¢ per hour!

Fast forward to the early 1980s, when big hair was in and life was about sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.  Vicky had rented spaces in salons, but she knew it was time to get away from the scene and start her own venture for peace of mind.  Boldly, she walked into a building and asked the lady there if she wanted to sell: she said yes, and Vicky G’s Hair Design was officially in business.  Talk about guts!  My mom was definitely not afraid to do what had to be done to get her career into its next phase.

38 years later, and Vicky muses that customer service is what has really kept her business going after all this time.  Her “always say yes” motto means that salon goers get tea, snacks, and sometimes a sip of something more adult (depending on the time of day, of course).  Her philosophy pays more dividends than just a steady income; her clients and employees become life-long friends.  One client, Barbara, has been getting haircuts by Vicky since she was 20, and 45 years later still comes to get her hair rolled and done up nice at Vicky G’s.  That type of longevity is priceless!

Of course, Vicky makes sure to keep things fresh and hip with the addition of two young hairstylists, Gina and Madison.  Specializing in blonde highlights and healthy extensions, the pair hope one day to take over in Vicky’s footsteps and run the salon.  As a team, they all work together to ensure that every customer leaves feeling good after their visit, and they do a truly amazing job.

Don’t just take my word for it; come visit Vicky G’s Hair Salon for yourself, enjoy some tea and a haircut or highlights, and soak in the positive vibes of this charming business right here in East Sac.  You won’t regret it!