Are you looking for a sweet treat that you can feel good about?  With summer right around the corner, you’re sure to crave something refreshingly cold, and I’ve got just the place for you!  On this episode of Sac N Gaged, I’m getting the inside scoop on Conscious Creamery, Sacramento’s premier supplier of plant-based, dairy-free gelato.  From classic flavors like Stracciatella and Hazelnut to seasonal creations, every batch of Conscious Creamery’s gelato is made by hand and is free of artificial ingredients.  A tasty treat that’s good for you and the planet is definitely something we can all stand behind!

The origin story of this gelateria begins with a trip abroad and a delicious discovery.  While wandering down a tiny street in Vienna, owners Andrea and Kevin noticed a long line of customers eagerly streaming through the doors of local business.  The pair discovered that patrons were clamoring for a scoop of vegan gelato; after waiting their turn for a taste, Andrea’s passion was ignited.  As a classically trained chef following a plant-based diet, she had often made frozen, vegan desserts for family and friends that received rave reviews.  Gelato was untapped territory, but she knew she could do it!  Back home, she began experimenting with flavors and ingredients until a cashew-based recipe was perfected, and since then she’s never looked back.

Conscious Creamery now boasts dozens of flavors, choosing high-quality ingredients and sourcing organic and fair-trade products whenever possible.  Some flavors, like their balsamic-tinged Roasted Strawberry, are rotated seasonally, with customers eagerly anticipating their return.  All-time favorites include Vanilla and Cookies and Cream, with Meyer Lemon also a sought-after treat.  But it’s not just pints or scoops that Conscious Creamery specializes in: customers can bite into delicious Gelato Tacos and Bars for an extra special indulgence.


If you want to get your hands on a creamy pint or melt-in-your mouth bar or gelato taco, orders can be placed online for pickup at the Conscious Creamery kitchen from Monday through Friday.  A variety of local businesses in Sacramento also carry bars and pints, from health food grocery stores to cafes and coffee shops.  Catering options are available to personalize any event, providing guests with an unforgettable experience and delicious dessert.  One of Andrea’s favorite parts about owning this business is connecting with customers, and you can find her and her vegan creations in person at a variety of events in Sacramento.  Check the online calendar to see where Conscious Creamery will pop up next, and grab a scoop from their Gelato Push Cart to see what the buzz is all about!


Andrea and Kevin feel passionately about providing animal-free products to the people of Sacramento, investing their time and hearts into creating special treats for everyone to enjoy.  The next time you’re craving a delicious scoop of gelato, be sure to check out Conscious Creamery for a special indulgence you can feel good about.