Do you want to know what stands the test of time?  In our digital age, information is here today and gone tomorrow, and it seems like nothing ever lasts!  We’ve found a unique place right here in Midtown that has proved one thing is here to stay: people’s love of books.  On this episode of Sac N Gaged, we’re talking to Peter Keat, owner of Time Tested Books, a local Sacramento business featuring new and secondhand books and vinyl.  With bookstores these days few and far between, we’ll see how Peter has managed to keep his business thriving for 38 years.

Located in a charming turn-of-the-century brick building on 21st Street, Time Tested Books has had its doors open since 1981, serving bibliophiles of the local community and opening the eyes of newcomers to many literary gems.  Feeling dissatisfied in his previous job, Peter searched to find a niche business that he would be truly compatible with. He dove into the book business and never looked back, now offering customers a huge collection of titles to browse, buy and trade.  While larger chains have come and gone, Peter’s business has truly stood the test of time.

The local community is one of the main ways that Time Tested Books keeps on going year after year.  Sacramento prides itself on its support of small businesses and entrepreneurs, and many locals find joy, not only in picking out a good read to purchase, but in helping this unique bookstore to flourish.  Peter also credits his success to the unparalleled customer service offered by his staff, who keep a pulse on new and trending titles and genres to add to their offerings. In a world dominated by online shopping and Amazon, there’s something special about the human touch of a friendly smile and helpful direction in finding the perfect book.  Here at Time Tested Books, you can smell the pages, run your fingers over the spine, and scan authors to find just the right book to get lost in, a unique experience that no e-commerce platform can provide!

At Peter’s place, there’s something for every taste, from popular contemporary authors like Steven King and Margaret Atwood to classics like Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.  Not to be missed is the large collection of children’s books, one of the most popular selling categories in the store, for kids of all ages and reading levels. Time Tested Books also offers additional services, ordering new books and searching for rare or out-of-print books when requested.  They also periodically host book signings, as well as Sacramento’s Women’s Book Club, to bring the community together over a good novel.


With technology allowing fast, quick access to small snippets of text, Peter notes that the engaging quality of reading books helps to stimulate the mind in a way that passive entertainment can’t.  His passion for literature and love of Sacramento’s community spirit motivates him to continue to offer books that engage people and encourage them to expand their minds. So what are you waiting for?  Head to 21st and K and discover everything that Time Tested Books has to offer![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]