Experience Sensory Deprivation at Capitol Float

If you’ve ever listened to Joe Rogan, you’ve probably heard him mention the idea of a float tank. Owner and operator of Capitol Float, Ryan Duey, tried a float tank first in 2013 after hearing about them on Joe Rogan’s podcast and knew that they were going to change his life. He wanted to make it possible to also change everyone else’s.

For those of you who are thinking, “what the heck is float tanks?” They are pitch-black, light-proof, and soundproof with an environment heated to the same temperature as the skin. The tank is filled with 10 inches of water which contains enough dissolved Epsom salt to cause you to float. Their purpose is to unleash your mind to explore and expand untouched depths of consciousness and relaxation.

The tank removes all pressure from your muscles, joints and bones, while the water around you exactly matches your skin temp, causing you to loose connection between where you end and the water begins. Some of the benefits include deep relaxation, lowers blood pressure, improves posture & circulation, relieves back & neck pain, aids in recovery from injury, reduces inflammation, improves sleep, relieves stress, and reduces anxiety and depression. That’s just to name a few. There seem to be endless benefits to this experience that affect the entire mind, body, and soul.

When you arrive you will meet your float facilitator and have a tour of the center and your float room. They suggest not having a large meal or any caffeine for at least three hours prior to your float time to remain open-minded and calm. After an introduction you will begin to prepare for your float experience by putting earplugs in and entering your tank. Lights and music preference are completely up to you, and for the next 60 minutes you are free to move in the water, breathe, and relax. After your experience, you are encouraged to go to the post float area to journal, reflect, or just take it all in.

This is definitely a unique and new experience that you will want to try for yourself. If you would like more information about Capitol Float and float tanks in general, you should check out their website at http://www.capitolfloats.com/. They have a lot of great information so that you can fully understand how cool this opportunity is. If you decide to give it a try, or you already have, let me know how the experience was for you in the comments below!