Mad for Mid Century Modern Style Homes??

Are you a mid century style home enthusiast? With the resurgence of mid-century style in architecture, I wanted to talk about mid-mod homes as they pertain to Sacramento and where you can find them. I’m sure you’ve heard of the name of Eichler, right? Well, for those of you who haven’t, he is one of the nation’s most influential builders in mid-century mod homes. And lucky enough, our Bay Area neighbors got most of his builds. He did a ton of subdivisions in the Bay area. But also, lucky for us, Sacramentans, he built 62 Eichler homes here.

These fabulous Eichlers can be found in South Land Park – that is in the southwest corner of Sacramento. The streets that you’re going to find the Eichlers on are South Land Park Drive, Oakridge Way, and Fordham Way. So, go take a tour and check it out! Maybe one will be for sale.

Even though Eichler built some homes in Sacramento, he was not the predominant mid-century mod builder in Sacramento. The Streng Brothers, Bill and Jim partnered with designer Carter Sparks, and they were the most fabulous team for mid-century masterpieces. Although the Streng Bros homes were influenced by Eichler, they definitely had some differences because our weather in Sacramento differs greatly from the Bay area. In San Francisco, the climate is cool and breezy, but it can be hotter than hell here in the summertime. In order to compensate for the heat, the Streng Brothers used acrylic to protect the outside of the homes from absorbing heat and put AC inside to make hot summer days more enjoyable. 

In comparison to Eichler’s 62 homes built, the Streng’s really are the predominant Sacramento, mid-century mod builders because they built 4000 homes over the span of about 30 years. This was in about 40 different subdivisions, mainly tract homes, but they did do some custom homes.

Even though mid-century is so popular and the prices can get up there nowadays, the intention behind the Streng Bros developments was to make it affordable for everyone. One of the things that was very important to them was to get FHA financing, and at first, they couldn’t do this but with much persistence, they carried on and got FHA financing for their homes. Today with the resurgence of mid-century mod style, these homes in Sacramento are in very high demand. You can tell that because on the market they’re there and then gone within seconds and the pricing really gets bid up. So be prepared to get competitive if you want to put an offer on a mid-century modern home in Sacramento!


I know what you’re wondering… Where can you find these homes, right? We’ll really, the Streng Brothers built all over. You can find them in Woodland, Davis, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove. In Sacramento, they’re going to be in the Carmichael area, Pocket-Greenhaven, in Willhaggin Estates. They’re going to be in Shelfield Estates right off Fair Oaks Boulevard. There’s about 67 homes there, so really it’s going to depend on your budget. They vary from the price point of 500,000 to the high $900,000, so if you’re interested, there could be something for everyone!