Valentine’s Day fast approaching, are flowers and chocolates on your brain?  We’ve got an even sweeter treat for you that will make you forget all about those traditional standbys, and they’re deliciously glazed: doughnuts! On this episode of Sac N Gaged, we’re stepping out into the city and exploring our own backyard to find another amazing local Sacramento business that blows the competition out of the water.  Sweet Dozen is making waves, and today we’ll find out what they’re all about.

This charmingly delectable business has evolved from a small, family-owned mom and pop shop to a featured “Top 10 Doughnut Shops in the West” spot in Sunset Magazine.  We caught up with Nuny, who along with her brother continues the legacy her parents began over 30 years ago.  She tells us that their inclusion in Sunset Magazine was a complete surprise until a customer pointed it out to her; the feature has inspired and motivated Sweet Dozen to continue to refine their craft and create awesome products their customers crave.

What makes Sweet Dozen so special?  These doughnuts are not just doughnuts; their innovative flavors and specialty doughnuts truly set them apart.  While maintaining classic flavors, Nuny and her brother have added their own creative spin to expand their offerings.  Some of the most popular flavors, like the classic chocolate and crumb, are complimented by specialty toppings such as maple bacon and cereal that will take you back to sweet childhood days.  Their Poptart-infused doughnuts that are true showstoppers: there is an actual Poptart baked inside each one!  There’s also special doughnut hybrids that fans go crazy for: the doissant, a croissant doughnut fusion, is one of their top sellers.  Other attention getters include mochi doughnuts, made with a rice flour base, and malasadas, a traditional Portuguese doughnut that is offered once a month in a variety of tasty flavors.  From bars to donut holes and everything in between, the toppings and icings are endless—and so is the joy!

Nuny and her team’s entrepreneurial spirit lends itself to the creation of new flavors and innovations, driving them to find their niche and create unique products that the community will love.  With Sacramento being a true up-and-coming city in the culinary scene, there has been a shift in attention from other big cities as they recognize how much potential our community has to offer.  This underdog mentality drives Nuny to want to make our city even better by growing their business and inviting more customers to explore everything that makes Sacramento great.

As a donut connoisseur, I can attest to the fact that Sweet Dozen’s creations are pure heaven!  It’s safe to say that if you skip the flowers and the chocolates and grab a box of these amazing doughnuts instead, you’re sure to please your Valentine beyond their expectations.