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W.O.W. I can’t say enough good things about Jacqueline. I decided to move to Sacto and knew very little about the neighborhoods, but had a good idea about the type of home I wanted. I found Jacqueline on YouTube and from the very beginning she was extremely knowledgeable, responsive and just plain sweet. She knows her stuff and since this was the first time I was purchasing a home on my own, she really helped me understand the process and feel very comfortable. She very quickly found me my dream home and was able to negotiate and get my offer accepted even with multiple offers. Made all the necessary inspection arrangements and a quick escrow later … I was moving in! Without a hitch! Everything went so smoothly I couldn’t believe it. Jacqueline and her team are amazing and I couldn’t recommend them enough.

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I was moving to Sacramento fully intending to rent. But all it took was one look at those rental prices (am I right!?) and I went running to Jacqueline to look for alternative living arrangements. I can honestly say that I had the BEST experience with Jacqueline. Rarely do you have zero complaints. I hate only raving on these types of reviews, but honestly the only stressful part of the entire experience was the fact that I was moving from the east coast, so I had to fly back and forth during the process. Just to give you some concrete examples, here is a short list of why she worked for me (and will work for you!). (1) She is knowledgeable and networked: I faced two big challenges--I was a first-time home buyer, and I was coming from out of town. Not a problem for Jacqueline. During the house hunt she was able to get me connected very quickly (and sometimes last minute during my untimely freak outs) to inspect features of the house and make sure the home warranty was good to go. Her knowledge quelled any concerns and helped me get money back in closing costs. Even after I purchased the house, she didn’t walk away. When I shared all my first home needs, she connected me to her rolodex so I could get a painter, a locksmith, a handy man, etc. that were all great. In short, coming from the east coast with limited time to take care of things, she made things happen on a tight timeline and I believe she was only able to do that so seamlessly because she knows the community well and the resources that homebuyers need. (2) She is patient/accommodating: As I said, I didn’t intend to buy so I didn’t have anything ready to go. When I fell in love with a house, but told her I actually have not yet been pre-qualified, we spent the rest of the day getting my affairs in order and putting in an offer the next day. As you can imagine, whatever she did have planned that day (and next) had to get thrown out the window, but she took it in stride and we had fun with it along the way. (3) She is accessible: I can be a bit of a Type A personality at times. And, with a big purchase like this, that personality is triggered. Both her and my lender (my two favorite people during the entire process) were phenomenal answering my last minute texts/emails/calls and requests for clarification. Great customer service is never overrated! (4) She listens: During the house hunt she didn’t try to sell a place to me, but she shared details and asked me how I felt about it. I liked that because I didn’t feel bad saying no. I remember one house I literally stepped in, turned around and left because “it wasn’t me”. Another place I vetoed because I couldn’t envision where I would put the TV. I know nothing is perfect, but I wanted it to feel like home. Given that the housing stock is so low these days (and my price range and my location requirements limited my options further), this had the potential to be a long hunt. But she wanted me to be happy. And, in the end I was! (5) She has good taste: Just like you don’t want to go to a hairdresser who has an awful hairstyle, you don’t want to get an agent who has bad taste. This does not mean they have to have YOUR taste, it means that they need to have a sense of what could be a good investment and what may not be. It was nice having a person to bounce thoughts and ideas off of whose opinion I trusted and respected. Happy house hunting!.

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I'm a first-time homebuyer and am so happy I went with Jacqueline. She was terrific to work with. Before we began the process of looking for homes, Jacqueline explained everything thoroughly in a buyers consult so I knew what to expect. We then toured quite a few properties in the cities of Sacramento and West Sacramento: single family homes, condos, duplexes, you name it. Ultimately, I had something very specific in mind and I knew it would be hard to find: a duplex in an established neighborhood that hadn't undergone a "Home Depot special" by flippers. In the current market, finding a property that met those specifications was a tall order. Luckily, Jacqueline was patient with me and had prepared me in advance so when we found the right place, I jumped on it.

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My husband and I had a wonderful selling experience with Jacqueline!!

We met her at an open house, and we decided to choose her as our realtor because we found that she was very knowledgeable about the area and the whole buying/selling process, we also felt like we could trust her because she was very real, honest, and friendly.

Before listing our house for sale she came over and gave us an informative presentation on what to expect from her marketing plan and she also helped use prepare the house for list.. Jacqueline has a great eye when it comes to interior! She helped us pick exterior paint colors for the house, declutter, and threw in some staging pieces. She also put us in touch with her wonderful cleaning lady who scrubbed the house down and made it sparkle. The house could not have looked better!

Not only did she do professional photography but she also made a great listing video with a drone that showcased the house and neighborhood in the best light. This video was a great marketing piece for the house that we also helped promote via our own social media.

Our transaction was not the easiest or quickest due to problems on the buyers end but throughout the whole process Jacqueline kept in constant communication with us and made sure we felt good about things and showed she truly cared. We really appreciated how honest she was with us and helped calm our nerves.

She truly went above and beyond to help us sell our house! She was there from the very beginning to the final signing. We could have not imagined selling our house without her. I would recommend her to my family and friends without a doubt, not all realtors are the same, Jacqueline stands out.

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I recently closed on my first property and could not have had a more positive experience searching for and buying a home than the one I had working with Jacqueline. I was referred to Jacqueline by a co-worker and I feel so fortunate to have gotten connected to her. She is knowledgeable, patient, communicative, thoughtful and understanding. What I appreciate most about her is her professionalism and the drive she demonstrated to help me achieve my goal of finding what it was I was looking for and walking with me all the way to the finish line. I learned that searching for a home can be quite challenging in more ways than one, but I’m grateful to have had her on my side throughout this process. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor in the Sacramento area

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