If you’ve ever been to a classic delicatessen before in your life, it is easy to tell the moment you are at a non authentic one. Three locals Jami Goldstene, Lydia Ingrham, and Sheila Wolfe wanted to give Sacramento the classic delicatessen experience they had encountered growing up. This idea came to life when Andrea Lepore joined the team and they created Solomon’s Delicatessen. The name strings from Tower Records and Russ Solomon, which the delicatessen honors. On this episode of SAC N GAGED, I speak with Sonny Mayugba, one of the owners and operators and he gives us the scoop on all the things this place has to offer.

When you arrive at Solomon’s Delicatessen, you can already tell this place is special. It embodies an old historic building on the corner of 8th and K and was actually an old Tower Records building. This location was shut down during the heyday of K street. There has been immense change has been happening in the area though. Sonny says that everyday he sees K street heading in a positive direction. It’s improving its cleanliness, its safety, and even its atmosphere. If you were to take a look on the street you would witness a slew of people enjoying what it has to offer, which you would have never seen before the changes. All of this residential and commercial growth is also occurring creating a vibrant system and gives the neighborhood even more energy.

It serves as an eclectic mix of music, food, drink, and art. Half of the restaurant is covered in art making it into a gallery where customers can actually purchase the pieces. The mural featured outside is actually the original one from Tower Records brought back from its old glory from local artists in town. The design and feel inside is pop and fun and creates an aesthetically pleasing look. The other side can be converted into a music space for concerts and performances to add to the fun in the heart of Sacramento.

Within the short time they have been open, Sonny says that the best sellers have included, the pastrami sandwich that is smoked in house served on their rye bread which is also made in house, and the pastrami reuben. Following these two, “The Russ”, named after Russ Solomon is a fan favorite. It is an open faced bagels with schmear lox classic breakfast bagel, definitely a go to!

Seven days a week from 7 am till 10 pm you can come over to K Street and check out this great place. A major plus, they serve breakfast all day!