Are you looking to find a cool place to hang out this weekend?  Do you want to relive some of your favorite childhood activities with a grownup twist?  If you want to relieve some stress and have fun, I’ve found the perfect location for you here in Sacramento’s Downtown Commons.  On this episode of Sac N Gaged, we’re heading to Punch Bowl Social, a one-stop-shop venue for amazing food, great drinks, and fun activities for everyone to enjoy.  We’ll meet with sales manager Vanessa Kitley to get the inside scoop on all the unique features that make Punch Bowl Social the kind of place where you can let your hair down and be yourself.

With 10 locations already under their belt, Punch Bowl Socialchose Sacramento as the perfect spot for the 11th PBS to open, settling on the revitalized DOCO area as a prime spot to attract the locals.  After just a year and a half, Punch Bowl has claimed a place in the trendy downtown district as the ultimate spot for a good time.  The self-described ‘dirty modern’ décor combines industrial and rustic themes with kitschy diner-style neon lights and accents, artfully combining all the elements into a comfortable yet classy hangout.  Fun games, amazing from-scratch food, and a 360° full-service bar make Punch Bowl Social the only place you need to be on a Saturday night.

The food sent out of this kitchen is nothing short of mouth-watering, from the heavy and hearty to the light and savory.  Punch Bowl Social’s menu blends modern, artisan flavors with pub-style favorites for unique twists on classic dishes: from Cocoa Dusted Carnitas Tacos and Cauliflower Nachos to an elevated Chicken ‘N Waffles, there’s something for every palate to enjoy.  Patrons can also enjoy brunch on the covered patio, where ordering up a plate of Monkey Bread French Toast is a perfectly acceptable and encouraged way to start the day.


Finding the perfect drink on your visit is easy, as Punch Bowl serves a variety of amazing concoctions from its circular bar.  Here you’ll find everything you could want, from drafts beers and select wines to muddled and mixed cocktails that pack a punch.  Speaking of punch: you’ll want to try PBS’ punch bowl blends, with refreshing names like ‘The Watermelon Polo Bowl’ and ‘It’s A Mer-Man’s World.’  Roll in between 3 and 6 for Happy Hour and grab a Whiskey Sour or a Daiquiri to get the party started!

Besides the delicious food and drink, Punch Bowl Social’s huge attraction is its games.  Whether you want to bowl a strike, belt out your best rendition of “My Heart Will Go On” in karaoke, play vintage arcade game classics, or built a giant Jenga tower, you and your friends will be entertained for hours with tons of options for play.  After 10 pm, the over-21 crowd can keep on partying until 12 am most days and until 2 am on Friday and Saturday for the night owls that don’t want the fun to end.


So whether you’re just looking to grab a bite and have some drinks with friends or want to relive your childhood with amazing games, Punch Bowl Social is the premier spot to check out in Sacramento’s DOCO.  Be sure to stay tuned to the next episode of Sac N Gaged to discover more amazing local hot spots in our beautiful city!