Are you losing motivation on those fitness-focused New Year’s resolutions you made?  As we head into March, those sit-ups and squats aren’t going to happen by themselves!  If you’re struggling to keep your commitments and want to get beach body ready, don’t worry; we’ve got the answer, and it’s right here in Sacramento.  On this episode of Sac N Gaged, we’re chatting with Kyle Robles, owner of the gritty, down-to-earth Robles Fitness Gym.  If you’re tired of traditional fitness centers and want to find your ‘fit fam,’ Robles Fitness is the place that will have you excited to grab your gym bag and head out the door.

Located in the heart of Sacramento, Robles Fitness offers a different type of fitness experience for its members: you’re not working out with strangers, you’re working out with family.  Owner Kyle makes sure of that, too, encouraging class participants to high five each other throughout workouts to build a positive team spirit and uplifting vibe.  Everything that Kyle does is designed to infuse energy into each person that steps through the doors; even his choice in wall color (a bright lime green) was selected to enhance the vitality and energetic feel of the main workout room.  More than anything else, it’s Kyle’s magnetic energy and positive attitude that really draws people to Robles Fitness.

A self-described hyper kid, Kyle came from Orange County and moved to Sacramento after he learned that his father had Stage 4 colon cancer.  As he took care of his dad and the two bonded, he fell in love with the slower pace of life in Sac and the way the community wasn’t always in a rush to look for the ‘next big thing.’  The ability to slow down and enjoy the journey has value, and Kyle carried that mentality when he opened Robles Fitness.  The community that has been built among the gym’s members helps everyone to feel supported and encouraged, motivating each other to meet their fitness goals and surmount any obstacles that come.  A large sign at Robles reminds members to “Get Your Mind Right,” and Kyle encourages his clients to use positive affirmations and mental exercises to help them get through tough workouts.  Being around others that have a fitness mindset helps every member of Robles Fitness to get in the zone and achieve the results they truly want.

With high energy group classes 6 days of the week and passionate trainers to lead the way, people at all levels of fitness can truly transform their bodies and minds at Kyle’s gym.  Robles Fitness offers the first class for free to get prospective members’ feet wet, with a variety of options available to best fit a client’s goals, schedule and budget.  While there might be dozens of gyms in Sacramento, no where else can you find the type of community and spirit that makes this workout space unique.  With Summer just months away, what are you waiting for?  Head to Robles Fitness and start working on that beach bod!